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Adonna Bass Wickliffe

Adonna Bass Wickliffe

Meet Adonna Bass Wickliffe, founder of Milestones.

Malee Ojua

Scaleable Sustainability

We talk about small and big changes you can make to your business to be more sustainable and be a force for change.

Malee Ojua

Innovative Solutions

Malee Ojua
Sacred Fire Creative

We discuss the impact of listening, analogies, and mentorship in business.

About your host

👋 Hi there! I am Malee Ojua

Malee Ojua is the founder and CEO of Portland-based digital marketing agency Sacred Fire Creative. Since starting her company, Malee has met many women business owners who found themselves stuck and looking for ways to move forward. They may have big ideas for their business or serving their community, but they don’t know where to begin.

Often, these women could not move forward because they didn’t feel seen, heard, or supported enough. And in many cases, Malee found that there’s a story of unbelonging behind their struggles.As an Asian-American of mixed heritage, Malee has experienced moments of unbelonging throughout her life. Through the Okina Community, she hopes to build a safe and loving space for womxn business owners to find belonging and support, as well as inspiration to empower themselves and others. Together, we can change the world for the good.

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